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Image for A Cook's Lot

Article by Sarah Giles | 3rd September 2018

A Cook's Lot

This week’s guest blogger is Sarah Giles, a freelance journalist who, as well as writing the Interiors pages for INDEX every month, also writes about food and gardens for national magazines.

Her popular blog, A Cook’s Plot, charts the progress of her kitchen garden though the year and gives delicious recipes for the fruit and veg she grows in it.

‘Warm, sunny days may be back with us again for now but there’s no doubting that autumn’s just around the corner – and much as I love summer, the great thing about that is it means there will be plenty of fruit to harvest – and cook with – soon. I’ve already made pots of crab apple jelly (adding just a pinch of chilli flakes to add a lovely warmth to the flavour) and damson jam (the small stones are a nuisance for cooks, but if you put the simmered fruit into a sieve they come to the top and can easily be removed with a spoon before you start boiling up the jam). And yesterday I gave some of the larger ‘Red Jonathan’ apples I grow here a tentative twist and, joy of joys, several of them dropped with a satisfying heaviness into my open palm. I took them straight to the kitchen to rustle up a quick and easy dessert – cut into wedges and sautéed with butter, lemon juice and caster sugar until caramelised, then topped with a spoonful of crème fraiche, they were absolutely delicious.’

• Visit Sarah's blog at: https://a-cooks-plot.blogspot.co.uk

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