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Image for Brexit: Time to Move on?

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 26th November 2018

Brexit: Time to Move on?

So the 27 EU member states have given Theresa May the thumbs up to take ‘her Brexit deal’ to the House of Commons early in December. Will it get through Parliament? Will there be a second referendum? Will there be a no-deal?

Isn’t it just time for the sake of the nation’s unity and our everyday lives that we accept where we are at and just get on with it..?

What next?

There’s a way to go, some say a mountain to climb, before the agreement is written into law.

Now that the EU summit has taken place and the deal has their seal of approval, the vote in the House of Commons could take place around 7th December. Parliament has to vote on two things:

1. The terms of the divorce, or ‘exit deal’
2. On the future UK-EU relationship or ‘new deal’. 

The transition period (also referred to as the ‘implementation period’) begins on 29th March 2019 and lasts until 31st December 2020.

Here’s our non-exhaustive guide (i.e edited version of the 585-page separation agreement between the UK and the EU).

Both deals need to pass parliament to become law. With Brexit taking place on 29th March 2019, the clock is ticking…

Images: Banksy Oaul Bissegger, Wikimedia Commons, Ilovetheeu


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