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Image for Halloween is Like Marmite – You Love it or Loathe it!

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 26th October 2018

Halloween is Like Marmite – You Love it or Loathe it!

For the young and fun-lovers among us, Halloween is a chance to don the spookiest outfits and make-up and go round knocking on doors, asking Trick or Treat, in the hope of receiving some sweet treats.

For others it’s a night of the year to dread. Behind the door that trick or treaters are about to visit could be a vulnerable person who is scared to answer the door – maybe a pensioner, a domestic violence survivor, someone with dementia or who is afraid of the outside world, or perhaps with mental health issues.

Or, perhaps, with a dog or two who howl from the bottom of their lungs every time someone rings the doorbell or bashes on the knocker.

As a rule of thumb…if someone has Halloween decorations up and a pumpkin on the doorstep, then go ahead, but leave the unlit quiet houses alone.

A polite note on your front door should hopefully be sufficient to keep unwanted visitors at bay. If you don’t want to appear the meanest neighbour on the block, you could leave a bowl of sweets outside your house with a ‘Help Yourself’ note.

Kent police have a poster worth putting in your window.

Visit https://www.kent.police.uk/advice/halloween-and-fireworks-advice /


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