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Image for Is Social Media Affecting Our Mental Health?

Article by Jess Weller | 10th October 2018

Is Social Media Affecting Our Mental Health?

10th October marked World Mental Health Day, bringing to light that 1 in four adults in the UK suffer from mental illness. We look at whether social media is a cure or cause of this high figure.

We live in a world where our presence on social media has to be perfect. We take 100 photos to get that one shot for Instagram, and even that isn’t good enough to go straight online without editing and airbrushing it. Yet we still spend hours scrolling through people's feeds, wishing our lives could be more like theirs, forgetting most of it isn’t real.

Is the pressure to keep up with the unrealistic lifestyles we become so obsessed with the cause of young people increasingly suffering from eating disorders and mental health issues?

On the other hand, social media has played a huge role in breaking the taboo around the subject. As celebs and influencers open up online about their experiences with mental health, in turn so have their followers. People aren’t ashamed or embarrassed to admit they may be suffering, meaning they are more likely to seek help than suffer in silence.

So, is social media a cure or a cause of mental illness?  Let us know your thoughts on Twitter - @INDEXMag or drop us an email at marketing@indexmagazine.co.uk

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