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Image for Making Your Website Work For You and Your Business

Article by Editorial | 6th December 2018

Making Your Website Work For You and Your Business

Here’s a quick guide to how you can maximise enquiries through your website…

This is a very simple and quick overview, but we’re confident that if every business worked through this process with their own website, they would enjoy more enquiries than they get currently!

• Identify your audience, and crucially the problem they’re looking at you to solve. Then tailor your messaging around this. If you get this bit right, visitors will look on your site and immediately feel you can help them.

• Once you have a website that’s built for your audience, you’ll then need traffic. There’s a number of ways to drive traffic through your website – too many to go into detail here, but make sure you’re looking at a range of strategies so traffic comes from a number of sources.

• Converting traffic into enquiries is the next task. This is where your messaging should help, but it’s also vital to include clear calls to action and relevant testimonials. You also need to invest in good design as visually out of date websites don’t attract enquiries and make sure your website offers visitors a great mobile user experience, the importance of this can’t be stressed enough!


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