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Image for Making Your Website Work For Your Business

Article by Advertorial | 27th February 2019

Making Your Website Work For Your Business

Doug Rubashow, Business Development Director of award winning Tunbridge Wells-based digital agency, Studio 44, shares top tips for how you can generate more enquiries through your website.

“The majority of our clients are looking for more customers!” says Doug.

Knowing your audience is so important. If you’re a care home, for example, your audience is going to be very different to a large firm of commercial solicitors and you should ensure your website is developed accordingly.

Audience is key – identify the problem

The most important aspect of knowing your audience focuses on the problem they’re looking at you to solve. With the care home example, your audience is usually the adult children of an elderly parent who needs care quickly and the problem you’re solving is looking after their parent in a dignified and homely environment. As such, the look, feel and messaging of your website should all be focused around that and how you can offer a warm and welcoming home. This theme should follow through the site, so the website visitor is consistently seeing the same message.

Generating traffic

Once you have identified your audience and built your website around them, the next trick is driving relevant traffic to your website. Here’s a quick overview of how you can do this:

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Using a variety of techniques to improve your performance and visibility in search engines.

• Social Media Sharing quality content over social media and directing visitors back to your website.

• Content Marketing Creating quality content helps improve search engine performance, and gives you content to share across your various social media channels.

• Paid Search Either in the form of Google Adwords or paid social media ads, paid search is a great way of generating relevant traffic to your website as you guarantee relevant traffic and can track behaviour, although you do pay for each click.

Converting traffic into enquiries

Converting website visitors into enquiries is somewhat linked to our focus earlier in the article on audience – understand your audience, create a website that’s centred around key problems you can solve for your audience and enquiries should then come with traffic. Here’s a few best practice tips to help:

• Have clear calls to action throughout.

• Include relevant testimonials, case studies, video testimonials or reviews.

• Invest in a quality design.

• Ensure a great mobile experience.

End game

Identifying your audience and the problem you will solve for them is key. From that point, design and develop a great website centred on this, and have a variety of strategies to generate website traffic… if you do this right, then enquiries will follow.

For more information, visit studio44.agency or call 01892 888011.

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