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Article by Editorial | 7th August 2019


Trinity Theatre … it is not commonly known as a charity. A small theatre tucked away in the heart of Tunbridge Wells. This seems ironic, does it not?

A theatre has the qualities: boldness, expression and rich in culture – attractive qualities; all these qualities are shown by Trinity Theatre as they are innate qualities of the arts wherever they are; however, Trinity Theatre goes unnoticed. This is the reason Trinity is the charity we have chosen to support through our ‘social action project’ with NCS – to give it and the arts the recognition they deserve.

We believe Trinity Theatre and the arts have similar values to NCS as well: building bonds, self-expression and personal development. These values are also important to us, Team 6, because we all have connections to the arts ourselves and even some to Trinity Theatre.

As one of our team members, Harry Savill, said “The communal attribute of Trinity and the arts allows people to feel attached with emotion whether in the audience or performing.” This shows us all that we all have some connection to the arts even if we don’t perform, which – as a team – we all recognised, and it is the reason why we feel so passionate about our project to help Trinity Theatre. We want to help the rest of the community realise this and recognise how great it is for them to have a theatre on their doorstep.

This leads us to ask – What does self-expression mean to you?

Team 6 are fundraising until 9th August in Royal Victoria Place, and also working at Trinity Theatre. Pop into see them and show your support.

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