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Image for Put Off by a Small Portion?

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 7th September 2018

Put Off by a Small Portion?

What’s it for you this Friday night – slap-up-meal or cosy takeaway? Self-confessed foodie & INDEX editor Sarah Hamilton-Walker looks at why 87% of us prefer a takeaway and sinking into a sofa to dining at a ‘pretentious’ a la carte eatery!

I’m a self-confessed foodie, addicted to the TV shows, buy all the new cookery books, love cooking at home and adore eating out even more. So I really was surprised to discover research today reveals more than half of Brits would rather eat a takeaway than go to a Michelin-starred restaurant! What’s not to like about ‘going out’? Getting dressed up, eating delicious dishes you wouldn’t dream of cooking at home and just enjoying the experience? Seems I’m in a minority – with a staggering 87% per cent of those asked preferring a takeaway to mark special moments such as birthday celebrations, moving into a new flat or house and landing a new job, citing small portions, cost and long waiting lists for tables as among the top reasons for shunning acclaimed restaurants. Unless you eat out of the cartons or box, you’ve still got washing up to do but then I suppose you haven’t got to worry about drink drive and getting a taxi home! So what are you opting for this Friday night?

Image: Love Island winners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham launch the British Takeaway Awards (www.thebtas.co.uk)

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