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Image for There Ain't Nothing Like a Dame

Article by Editorial | 15th October 2018

There Ain't Nothing Like a Dame

Today INDEX got the chance to catch up with Quinn Patrick, who plays the pantomime Dame “Nursie” in Sleeping Beauty, coming to the Assembly Hall Theatre in Tunbridge Wells this festive season.

Starting at the age of 14, Quinn began acting and ended up at a stage school in London where he then got a scholarship!
Quinn says that being the ‘Dame’ is hard work but fun and that he feels more comfortable with a comedic role rather than being the villain who is not liked by the crowd!
Cheeky, Essex-born Quinn even confessed to doing his own make-up for the shows learning from trial and error with his goal of wanting to look like ‘a bloke in a frock’. Also noting that he admires the Drag Queens and their make-up skills but that’s not what his look is.
Quinn’s favourite places to spend his down time between rehearsal and shows in Tunbridge Wells are The Pantiles and the Guinea pub …so keep your eyes for a bloke in  a pink wig and bright blue eyeshadow between the 7th December and 2nd January!
Words by: Eliza Hibbins-Cline

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