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Article by Jess Weller | 2nd January 2019

When The Going Gets Tough...

So the festivities are over and we’re back to work, dreaming of another week off whilst wondering how we are going to keep up the New Year’s resolutions we promised ourselves we would actually stick to this year.

12th January, AKA Quitters’ Day, is officially the day when we're most likely to give up on our New Year’s resolutions.

According to a recent study of 2,000, here are 10 top New Year’s resolutions of 2019:

• Eat healthier

• Exercise more

• Save more, spend less

• Lose weight

• Learn a new skill or hobby

• Quit smoking

• Read more

• Find another job

• Drink less alcohol

• Spend more time with friends & family

We’d love to hear from you – whether you’ve already given up on your New Year’s resolution or powering on through, tweet us at @INDEXMag.

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