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Image for Why we need to do more to tackle fly-tipping here in Kent

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 29th May 2019

Why we need to do more to tackle fly-tipping here in Kent

I for one have to say I’m delighted with Kent County Council’s announcement that it is to spend an extra £250,000 fighting fly-tipping here in the county.

I can’t be the only one all to often confronted by heaps of unwanted items such as soil, rubble and plasterboard while driving through what should be our picturesque countryside. Whilst this positive news to battle waste crimes should be welcomed, it comes at a time when the county council is introducing new charges for disposing of these items at its recycling centres which, in turn, will almost undoubtedly lead to a rise in the amount of wasted dumped in our county.

Kent is the Garden of England yet there are nearly 20,000 incidents of fly-tipping a year. It causes enormous harm to the environment as well as costing a fortune to clean up, especially if hazardous materials are involved.

CLA South East, which represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses across Kent, is now calling on councils and courts to take robust action to deter potential fly-tippers. "We appreciate that councils have budgetary pressures, but failing to tackle the menace of fly-tipping could ultimately make their financial situations worse if it means they end up facing increased clean-ups costs dealing with more dumped rubbish. The message needs to be sent loud and clear that dumping waste will not be tolerated, and those who do it will be prosecuted," it says.

• For more information about the CLA and its work, visit cla.org.uk/your-area/south-east/regional-news

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