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Image for Graveney Solar Park Feedback Reveals Major Concerns

Article by Neill Barston | 16th October 2018

Graveney Solar Park Feedback Reveals Major Concerns

Proposals for a £400 million solar energy park at Graveney, near Faversham, have been delayed in being put forward for planning until the end of October.

The team behind the Cleve Hill Solar Park confirmed that its plans, which would represent the largest scheme of its kind in Europe, have been set back from its original date at the end of August.

More than 700 pieces of feedback were received on the project, with many residents concerned about the visual impact of development covering an area the size of Faversham.

Explaining the proposals, the developers said: “Our Phase Two consultation period ran from Thursday 31st May until Friday 13th July 2018. During that time, we gathered feedback on our detailed proposals for Cleve Hill Solar Park and the series of studies and assessments undertaken as part of our Preliminary Environmental Information (PEI).

“As part of this consultation period, we ran four community events in the local area and we would like to thank you.

“The feedback which was received during the phase two consultation period highlighted a number of key areas people are concerned about.”

The feedback showed 93% of people were concerned about the impact on the area’s ecology, and 81% were worried about its visual intrusion.

“With a capacity exceeding 350 MW, Cleve Hill Solar Park could provide enough clean, affordable energy to power over 110,000 homes. Of the total 492ha development area, the solar panels themselves cover approximately 50%. The project team is working with leading experts and nature conservation bodies to design habitat mitigation areas and enhancements which would boost habitat quality and biodiversity on site,” added the developers.

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