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Image for Shaping the future of Canterbury’s BID

Article by Neill Barston | 24th June 2019

Shaping the future of Canterbury’s BID

Canterbury’s Business Improvement District (BID) will be going to ballot between 13th June-11th July to determine its future activities.

The BID currently invests more than £500,000 into the city each year, invested on items that will ensure Canterbury is a vibrant, safe, profitable place to work, live, study and visit. Over the last five years the initiative has been responsible for Christmas in the city (lights, switch-on event, promotion), hanging flower baskets between May to September, deep street cleaning, business support and national marketing of the city.

Lisa Carlson, of Canterbury’s BID, believed the organisation offered a significant amount to the area, saying: “During consultation it was evident that city wide wi-fi was a top priority for businesses, so we will be working in partnership with Canterbury City Council on providing this across the city to ensure the coverage is as wide as possible. Security is also of major importance to our businesses.”

Lisa added that it is essential to have a clean city, and the BID management will increase investment in its deep street cleaning team along with additional support for graffiti cleaning including
free graffiti cleaning wipes for businesses in the city.

• Visit canterburybid.co.uk

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