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Article by Neill Barston | 12th August 2018

Singer Releases Fashion Range

Talented singer Dulcima Showan, who fronts Kent’s CoCo and the Butterfields, is combining her love of music with her other great passion of fashion designing.

The Canterbury-based entrepreneur has just released her latest range of garments, locally handmade from exclusively recycled and vintage fabrics.

As she explained, her Dulcima Wear and Tear Couture brand is targeting a market of those looking for something extra special for an event or occasion.

“I’m a self-taught seamstress and grew up learning on odds and ends that were given to me, and that’s why everything I made ended up being patchwork and has since become my way of designing,” explained Dulcima, adding: “By combining the aesthetics of low-valued, threadbare and recycled textiles with elitist ‘high fashion’, the brand intends to introduce a renewed face to the fashion community, one that is more accessible, more imaginative and less sterile, one that will come to be known as Wear and Tear Couture.”

As she revealed, in order to upcycle her huge collection of donated remnants, the singer is offering a selection of womenswear (available from her website) featuring the patchwork Dulcima Bustier.

Customers have the choice of garment size and colour but cannot choose the individual prints and patterns – the individual fabrics they receive are down to chance as the task of matching swatches is down to the designer.

“Recycling clothing isn’t particularly feasible on a mass scale, but it’s perfect for one-off garments which means customers receive something that is truly unique,” added Dulcima.

Returning to her trademark design style, the Dulcima Bustier design features patchwork, frayed edges and lightweight structure for the wearer’s comfort and practicality –developed first-hand as the design has been quite literally ‘road tested’ by the singer herself while on tour with her group.

• Visit www.dulcima.co.uk

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