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Image for When Passion and Drive turns into Burn-out

Article by Advertorial | 8th July 2019

When Passion and Drive turns into Burn-out

The World Health Organisation have finally recognised ‘Burn-out’ as a serious issue and occupational phenomenon resulting from ‘chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed'. Now is the time for business leaders to step-up and follow suit. We spoke to a Kent-based business owner who is doing just that.

Amy McManus, CEO of award-winning agency AM Marketing, ensures her business creates an environment to promote healthy mental wellbeing and speaks at events around the world on the very subject. After being involved in a high-speed collision caused by a dangerous driver in 2014, Amy was unable to walk unaided and left battling physical injuries, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Not only did Amy survive this ordeal but she used it as fire to push forward and grow her business.

She now consults with companies on mental health issues as well as inspiring others to succeed in the face of adversity through workshops and talks.

Her mission doesn’t stop there, Amy has created an employee-focused company ethos, with the belief that it is essential to have a healthy work / life balance. “Looking after your staff just makes simple business sense. One of the best ways to ensure the quality of the work AM Marketing produce is world-class, is by making sure the people doing it are happy and valued. Having experienced the opposite in my career, I know what a huge negative impact poor mental well-being can have on a business and its employees.”

It's clear that creating a positive working environment, isn’t just a perk for some businesses, but a way of maintaining their quality of work and continued growth. Ultimately, every business wants a healthy team doing their best work and it’s great to see an example of a Kent business doing this so well.

• Visit www.ammarketing.co.uk

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