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Image for Pack Up A Picnic

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 5th August 2018

Pack Up A Picnic

There’s nothing nicer than packing up a picnic and looking forward to a relaxing time in the park or on the beach enjoying your lovingly-prepared feast.

But how many times have you had your blissful outdoor experience ruined by a “gatecrashing” child or dog, or equally annoying adult blaring out loud music?

According to new research, 36 per cent of park users have had their afternoon gatecrashed by an unaccompanied child while a third say their picnic has been disrupted by loud music from someone else’s portable speakers.

Out of the 2,000 outdoor diners, polled by food delivery service Deliveroo a quarter went on to reveal they have come under fire from a wayward football, with one in seven having to move on after being smoked out by someone else’s barbecue.

Yet it seems these annoyances are a small price to pay for our enjoyment of the great outdoors – 88 per cent of people asked said they still enjoy eating outdoors, with 70 per cent claiming that having their meals outdoors makes them feel happier.

Top 6 Annoying Picnic Habbits

1. Random, unaccompanied children gatecrashing your space
2. People playing music too loudly
3. Litterers
4. Footballers
5. Noisy groups
6. Wandering dogs

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