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Image for Recipe: Recreate The Perfect Cafe Latte

Article by Editorial | 15th February 2019

Recipe: Recreate The Perfect Cafe Latte

To mark Fairtrade Fortnight – which runs from 25th February to 10th March – coffee expert Barnaby Hatch brews up a smooth and sweet Cafe Latte, using unrefined sugars from the island of Mauritius, so that you can recreate your coffee shop experience at home…


1. Make a double shot into a 250ml heated cup.
2. To steam your milk correctly for a latte, take a 300ml metal milk jug and pour in cold full fat milk or for the best dairy alternative, oat milk, filling it just over half way. It is important to have enough milk, as it can quickly over heat when steaming.
3. Angle your milk steamer straight down and place the end just under the surface of the milk. This will avoid any mess when you turn it on. Turn your steamer on to full and slowly move the jug down to expose the air holes on the end. If done correctly, you will hear a noise similar to ripping paper. Less is more, be gentle with your movements.
4. Just as the milk temperature changes from cold to slightly hot, put the steamer back under the surface of the milk. At this point there should be no sound. If you tilt your jug on a slight angle, it will create a whirlpool and will give you a better milk texture.
5. As the jug becomes too hot to touch, take one hand away and turn off the steamer. Taste the milk to check temperature. Avoid going too hot though, as this will change the flavour.
6. To pour your milk, swirl it round in the jug so it becomes one consistency and glossy. Tilt your cup on a 45° angle, and pour your milk from a medium height, slowly get closer. As you do, tilt your cup back to being flat, by the time you fill your cup the milk jug should be almost touching the surface of the latte. Sprinkle the Billington’s sugar accordingly over your latte to get a crystal crust on top.
7. If you want to have some fun with latte art, you need your milk to be super glossy. Once you’ve filled the cup up half way with the milk, lower your jug to the surface of the latte and get creative! The closer to the surface, the easier it is.

• Billington’s Barista Range is available in Tesco, £2. Follow Billington’s on Instagram at @billingtonssugar

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