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Image for 4 Things to do in the Garden in November

Article by Editorial | 11th November 2018

4 Things to do in the Garden in November

1. Don’t leave the leaves on the lawn! They will cause yellow patches and encourage mould. Leave them on the flowerbeds, however, as they provide a refuge for insects and therefore act as a winter larder for birds.

2. Prune young apple and pear trees from late November through to February. This will help to create a sturdy shape that can be a framework throughout the tree’s life. Once it has matured, it can be pruned during summer.

3. Plant trees and shrubs provided the ground isn’t frozen. You can plant container-grown and bare root plants now the season has started.

4. Clean out bird nesting boxes in order to eliminate mites and pests. Remove old nesting material so that the box is ready for spring. Birds will also appreciate a reliable supply of food.

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