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Article by Sarah Giles | 18th September 2019

Bathrooms to make a splash

Be inspired for the smallest room in the house with the latest looks

If you’re tired of the minimalist white look that’s been high fashion in bathrooms for what now seems like forever, maybe it’s time for a radical change, and you can’t get much further away from minimalist white than basins from handmade luxury porcelain specialists The London Basin Company.

Their richly decorated collection incorporates modern interpretations of traditional Oriental and Middle Eastern patterns, from Japanese koi carp to flower baroques, in intricate patterns and with delicate detailing. Each basin is finished and glazed by hand, meaning every design has its own unique character, and is produced using one of two techniques: the “under the glaze” approach, where the pattern is applied to the clay, then glazed and fired, or the “over the glaze” technique, where clay washbasins are glazed and fired, the pattern is then applied and followed by a further two firings to ensure paint durability.

Monochrome magic

Alternatively, you could take your bathroom a world away from clinical white in a completely different way with Paint Library’s sophisticated new Monochrome collection, launching this month, of subtly different black and white shades designed to be used together for a real play on light in the room.

Think big

If your smallest room is more than usually challenged on the size front, the new MyHome collection from Britton is worth a look. It’s been designed to offer short-projection ceramics and thin rims to maximise internal space while retaining a small footprint, and it features everything from washbasins and WCs to baths and brassware. The contemporary range offers a choice of wall-hung units with drawers or floor-standing units with doors and is finished in either gloss white or gloss slate.


And if you need inspiration for the smallest room in the house, Fragrance Direct have recently analysed the most talked about trendy London restaurant bathrooms on Instagram. Sketch in Mayfair scores highly – nearly 1,500 photos were taken in a month, so its loos are certainly getting the thumbs up from visitors! See these, and other lovely restaurant bathrooms around the world, at fragrancedirect.co.uk/be-inspired/instagram-bathrooms

Image Duo bath, £2,399, from Clearwater (clearwaterbaths.com)

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