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Article by Sarah Giles | 15th April 2019

Bedrooms Where Dreams Come True

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our physical, mental and even our emotional wellbeing, and of course having a good bed is vital.

Vispring have been in business since 1901, so they know a thing or two about making comfortable and supportive mattresses. Along with British cotton, vicuna (the ancestor of alpacas), cashmere and silk, all of their products are made using the finest Shetland wool and lamb’s wool, meaning that they’re breathable and long-lasting, and like all their mattress, the Devonshire, shown here with the stylish Atlas headboard, is made by hand from start to finish.
When it comes to bedsteads, another long-standing brand is the Italian firm Porada, who have been going strong for 70 years. Their new bed designs Killian 130 and 150 feature a canaletta walnut frame and a headboard with brushed brass feet upholstered in a selection of sumptuous fabrics. All very stylish – and very Italian!

Kids’ stuff
If it’s a child’s bed you are looking for, the Tippy Bed by Nidi tips away to reveal a functional work area, which is ideal for smaller bedrooms. There are 15 colours and finishes to choose from – it’s shown here in Natura with handles, desk and shelving in Limone. Each component of the unit can be customised in various colours, it’s available in three heights and the bed measures 216cm at the widest point with a depth of 103cm in study mode and 112cm in sleep mode.
Also perfect for kids’ bedrooms is the lovely Merry Go Circus wallpaper from Katie Bourne, a collection of designs that take inspiration from the traditions of the circus, with charming illustrated motifs of elephants, towering giraffes and striped marquees. Perfect for nurseries, bedrooms and play spaces, each design is hand-illustrated in England, then made and printed using traditional techniques on high-quality sustainable forest paper. The range is available in a soft palette of gentle colour combinations, from pale pinks to pastel blues.

Wonder walls
For bedroom walls for grown-ups, if you like something a bit out of the ordinary you’ll love the wallpaper designs from MissPrint. These too are illustrated by hand and printed in the UK.
Established in 2005 by mother-daughter co-founders Yvonne and Rebecca Drury, the first collection from MissPrint included a series of patterns printed onto silk on the family’s dining room table – the company has since grown to become a leading British design studio. Today, every print still starts life in a sketchbook, meticulously hand drawn by Rebecca. Taking inspiration from contemporary graphics, mid-century modern style and travels around the world, MissPrint’s designs are playful and full of colour, with influences ranging from abstract geometric shapes to the beauty of the natural world. Mountains 2 is an iconic MissPrint pattern, now available in a fresh, new colour palette.

Image: Mountains wallpaper in Sunrise, from £67 per roll (52cm x 10m), by MissPrint (missprint.co.uk)

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