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Image for Why Is Moving House So Stressful?

Article by Editorial | 8th May 2019

Why Is Moving House So Stressful?

It’s official! Moving house is still the most stressful thing in life, more traumatic than getting a divorce or having a baby, according to UK homeowners.

Researchers polled 2,000 homeowners and found, from a list of life stresses, moving house (40%) is more stressful than most other life events, such as getting divorced (34%), having a baby (31%), starting a new job (27%) and organising a wedding (25%). In fact, the only life event, which came higher in the stress stakes, was bereavement, according to the recent poll carried out by Yopa.

More than a third (34%) of those asked suffered severe anxiety during their last move, while 40% were left depressed and the same percentage said they became physically ill by the process.

Nearly two-thirds of people (65%) said they had suffered from sleep deprivation over moving house. 

In fact, 60% say they’ve been put off even looking for a new home because of the pressure of the process.

When it came to the barriers on finding a new home, concerns over high crime rates put off 53% of potential movers, while noisy neighbours (46%) traffic (41%) and litter worried a surprisingly high 38% of people thinking of moving.

The study also revealed that when it comes to actually moving, the cost was the most stressful part of the operation, with over half (53%) of the homeowners saying it was the worst part of moving house. And it’s no surprise when the survey discovered that the average cost of the move, not including the house, but including legal and estate agents’ fees, totalled a hefty £6,600. 

Ben Poynter, CEO of online estate agents Yopa, said: “This is the first piece of in-depth research into the state of homeowner attitudes to moving in more than three years… Our survey proves that moving home can really take it out of you, with more than a third of people left feeling anxious by the whole process.”

So what do Brits think would make moving home easier?

42% – smaller estate agents fees

37% – more transparency 

34% – free utility switching service

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