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Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 28th June 2018

Hey Good Looking

From every corner of the globe, women have been formulating their own beauty rituals to reflect the beauty ideals in their culture, plus accolade for Tunbridge Wells salon, news and buys.

If you are looking for some international beauty inspiration, and some of the most high-quality beauty ingredients to incorporate in your beauty routine, you may actually be surprised to discover how many you already use!


Supermodel sirens Miranda Kerr and Elle Macpherson originate from the outback and they both swear by natural alternatives native to Australia. Elle raves about using Australian sand as a natural exfoliator while Miranda loves organic and soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, sandalwood and green tea to gently cleanse her skin.

What Skin Needs Hydrating Facial Serum1 (£12.99, www.whatskinneeds.co.uk) is formulated using an Australian indigenous ingredient native to the south-eastern regions called plantolin, which is derived from the centipeda cunninghamii plant. Aboriginals have used this ingredient for centuries to help soothe, heal and repair inflamed and wounded skin.

South America

Known as the beauty obsessed capital of the world, it’s no wonder four South American countries are ranked in the top 10 as having the most cosmetic surgery, only just missing out on first place to the USA.
Before plastic surgery, for centuries South Americans have been taking age-old native botanical herbs and extracts such as cacao and turmeric to enrich their beauty rituals. The stunning and reigning Victoria Secret angel, Adriana Lima, was born in Brazil and always uses face oils to moisturise her skin. Incorporating emollient-rich avocados in skincare and haircare is another well-known beauty trick for South Americans. Take inspiration from the Brazilian beauty and try the new Rio Rosa Mosqueta Antioxidant Facial Oil2 (£24.99, www.riorosa.co.uk), made using natural ingredients native from South America including rosehip oil from the Chilean Andes in the Amazon and organic cranberry seed oil to help fight the signs of ageing. This antioxidant-rich oil not only moisturises dry skin and gives you a desirable glow but also fights against pollution.

United Kingdom

Hailed for our natural English rose beauties from the likes of Emma Watson and Keira Knightley, the signature British look is a fair clear complexion, with minimal make-up and a peachy glow. Many of Britain’s time-old beauty recipes include using natural botanicals such as witch hazel to clear acne-prone skin and geranium and poppy petals to colour stain lips.

Odylique’s organic pink lip liner3 (£12.50, www.odylique.co.uk) provides an effortless natural pout for any British beauty that wants to keep their make-up minimal and low-key. Using only natural and organic ingredients such as jojoba, shea butter and calendula, the lip liner subtly enhances the natural beauty of your pillowy lips.


Famed for their healthy jet-black locks and clear complexions, Thai beauties adopt a strict beauty regime to highlight and brighten their complexion. In particular lime essential oils are used to keep their skin cleansed and blemish-free, tamarind is used as an exfoliator to brighten skin and coconut oil nourishes and hydrates dry skin – an ingredient many of us have adopted in our own Western beauty regimes nowadays!
Use Janjira’s Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter4 (£26, www.janjira.co.uk) to transport yourself to the shores of Thailand. It is formulated with vitamin-rich ingredients including shea butter, ginger and citrus extracts to help restore the skin’s moisture and keep it supple and soft.

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