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Image for Holiyay! Get 46 Days Off Using Only 20 Days Holiday

Article by Jess Weller | 30th August 2018

Holiyay! Get 46 Days Off Using Only 20 Days Holiday

How much of your time at work is spent wishing you were on a beach? Too much probably. Being restricted to 20-something days’ holiday a year is a sad fact we all have to get used to. Or do we…?

If you book smart and make the most of bank holidays and weekends, you can cheat the system and more than double your time away!

2019 is fast approaching, so here’s how to bag yourself 46 days away from your desk using only 20 days’ holiday (assuming bank holidays don’t count towards your holiday allowance).

Avoiding April Showers:

19th-28th April 2019 (10 days)

Thanks to the two bank holidays and making the most of the two weekends either side, booking off 23rd-26th, you can get yourself 10 days off – only eating 4 days out of your holiday allowance.

Holiday allowance left: 16 days

Where to go: Thailand

Spring Break:

3rd-12th May 2019 (10 days)

Book 3rd, and 7th-10th off to enjoy two weekends and a bank holiday for free!

Holiday allowance left: 11 days

Where to go: Croatia

24th-27th May 2019 (4 days)

Book off the 24th and you’re all set for a relaxed staycation or a long weekend in Europe.

Holiday allowance left: 10 days

Where to go: Barcelona or Glamping in Dorset

Summer Sun:

24th August -1st September 2019 (9 days)

Book off 27th-30th and get your swimwear ready.

Holiday allowance left: 6 days

Where to go: Fiji

Winter Wonderland:

20th December 2019 – 1st January 2020 (13 days)

Enter the new year feeling fully refreshed after a whooping 13 days off work! All you need is 20th, 23rd, 24th, 27th, 30th & 31st December booked off work and you’re ready for the perfect Christmas.

Holiday allowance left: 0

Where to go: New York

The only issue may be trying to convince our bosses into agreeing all that time off!

Images: Jess Weller

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