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Article by Editorial | 28th April 2019

Now Where Did I Leave The Car?

A recent survey of 2,000 drivers revealed that more than one third of us regularly forget where our car is parked, and on average ‘lose’ our vehicle once a month, while a further one in 20 said they struggle to locate their parked car on a weekly basis.

According to the data, it commonly takes 10 minutes to find a lost parked vehicle, although 5% of respondents admitted searching for more than half an hour on occasions. The figures result in 133,245,000 instances of ‘lost cars’ every year based on 32.9 million license holders in the UK.

Multi-storey car parks were revealed as the most common location to lose a car, closely followed by shopping centre and supermarket car parks.

The survey, which was conducted via OnePoll, also revealed other common places to lose a parked car are airports, town and city streets and concert venues.

Meanwhile, women are more likely to forget where they have parked with 72% saying they had at some point lost their vehicle, compared to 58% of men. However, women take less time to find their cars, taking on average 8.8 minutes in comparison to men taking 11.9 minutes.

Despite in-car and smartphone technology enabling motorists to log their parked car, only 9% of respondents have ever used this to its advantage and tracked the location of their vehicle. And when it comes to 25-34 year olds, 16%, almost double the overall average, said they have used a smartphone to find their car.

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