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Image for Spring into Summer

Article by Sarah Hamilton-Walker | 28th June 2018

Spring into Summer

There’s something magical about summer that lifts spirits, boosts motivation levels, relieves tensions and generally makes everything seem happier and more fun. And the countdown starts here…

For many of us, summer means spending more time outdoors, topping up our minds, bodies and souls with a good dose of nature, fresh air and vitamin D in the form of sunshine. Yet for some, ’summer dread’ can crop up too. 

If the countdown to your annual two weeks away is fraught with worry over the notion of having to bare more flesh on the beach and making your make-up last in the heat, give a thought to what happens if you fall ill while you’re away.

Believe it or not, one in four holidaymakers fall ill when abroad, with the most common ailments being upset tummies, overindulgence, mosquito bites and sunburn. All of these can happen easily, especially in countries where the food and climates are different from what we are used to or, more importantly, not prepared for, therefore, without holiday insurance these could be costly ailments.

The key to holiday health is to prepare a travel kit of health essentials from plasters to paracetamol, not forgetting a few traditional homeopathic remedies that may be useful.

Minor insect bites – a survey carried out by Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy revealed that 72% of people have been bitten by mosquitoes or other insects when on holiday. If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten, then Apis may be helpful. Apis is traditionally used for all types of insect bites, where there is mild swelling and itching at the site of the irritation. Some bites and stings can trigger allergic reactions so if you are at all concerned you should seek medical attention. 

Jet-lag – besides bruising, homeopathic Arnica is also traditionally used to help relieve tiredness so could be considered a must for your travels. 

Upset stomach – Arsenicum is traditionally used for mild stomach ache and upset that is associated with a change in diet. If you enjoy indulging on holiday, and don’t know when to stop, Nux Vomica can be a useful remedy to help relieve the nauseous symptoms of overindulgence allowing you to feel more human again!

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